my family’s story in brief

a constant battle


I am the father of a daughter who was bitten by a tick at a local summer camp in 2011 and now suffers from seizures due to damage that was caused by Lyme disease and Bartonella henselae (a.k.a. cat-scratch fever or cat-scratch disease).

Since her first major, grand mal, seizure on 12/12/2011 I have spent a great deal of my free time researching Lyme and all of the co-infections that are transmitted by ticks and other biting arthropods in an effort the help her heal and for a book that I plan to publish at some point in the future.

It is my hope that by sharing my family’s story that I will be able to help you and your loved ones avoid the same tragic events that have befallen me and my family.


lyme disease

more than just a bite

Since 1981 when Wilhelm (“Willy”) Burgdorfer was credited with discovering the link between the bite of a deer tick and the bacterium called a spirochete which, colloquially, we now know as Lyme disease a tremendous amount of information has been published regarding all of the controversies surrounding the disease. Chief among them is evidence which has revealed that a tremendous amount of research went into using the disease a biological weapon.

Besides sharing my personal story with you, in this Web site I will do my best to reveal and unravel the information that I have uncovered during the years I have been researching this horrible disease.

the legal dilemma

it’s not a real disease!


One of the biggest problems for people suffering from Lyme disease or any of the co-infections is that governing agencies (more than likely in support of insurers) don’t view Lyme as a long-term problem. They feel that the disease can be completely treated with a two to three week course of antibiotics —— which for many people is not true.

Fortunately, more and more states are recognizing the need to pass laws that will protect medical providers who are willing to treat Lyme patients on a long-term basis with antibiotics.