lyme is everywhere!

The bacteria that causes Lyme disease is not only in ticks in every U.S. state, and most countries throughout the world, it has also been seen in fleas, biting flies, lice, mites and mosquitoes; so, anything that bites or feeds off other living creatures can transmit the disease. 

It can also be transmitted via deer poop or the droppings of any other infected animal. Therefore, if your dog is like mine, one constantly in search of little tidbits whenever outdoors, then special attention during walks or runs or playing fetch is a good idea.

And for those who think bird poop on a car windshield is good luck (Why? I don’t know.), think again. Birds to Lyme are like planes to humans; so, make certain to wear gloves during the cleanup, and be sure to wash your hands after the mess is removed.








As I have learned over time, my daughter, Kathleen, is a bug magnet, and I have waged war on all of the little woodland creatures around our home in an effort to reduce the bug population. Since I am not one to kill anything, however, I have been lucky to find a number of products to make our house a much less appealing place for the critters to reside.



One product that I have found to work very well, thanks to a former veterinarian who took care of our pets, is EarthKind’s Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent. To me, the product smells like pine trees — a pleasant smell to me but one that mice and chipmunks can’t stand.


Another smell they seem to hate is peppermint, and for a number of years I have purchased EarthWise Aromatics 1-lb bag of peppermint leaf and spread it around the foundation of our house and around our cars during colder weather to keep mice away from the warm engines (a favorite place for nesting) when we return home from work or errands. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, none was available on Amazon’s website, but I have provided the link just in case more arrives by the time you read this.



And, finally, there’s Gel Spice Red Cayenne Pepper with 40,000 Heat Units … and this stuff is HOT, so be careful when spreading it around your property! It’s advisable to wear disposable gloves and, especially, goggles; and to be certain to wash your hands carefully after handling it.

As I have written in previous posts, the best way to avoid becoming ill is to avoid being bitten; and the best ways to avoid being bitten is to use everything available to keep the bugs away from one’s property and from one’s body.