the power of the sun

Disclaimer: Nothing in this website should be construed as medical advice. This site is intended, solely, to share my family’s experiences with Lyme disease, with the hope that our experiences, both bad and good, will help others suffering from similar issues discover the resources they need to find relief.


In October of 2019, right before the Columbus Day holiday, I became seriously ill, and in looking back I can’t help but wonder if I was not afflicted with COVID-19. I had chills, a fever, fatigue and a cough that would not quit. I then lost my voice for several seeks. And symptoms lingered, seemingly well into the summer months.

While cutting the lawn one summer’s day my left knee became excruciatingly painful. Pain had started weeks before, and I was wearing a knee brace at the time, but whatever happened left me bedbound for several days. Luckily, however, the pain subsided and I regained full use of my leg; but for the longest time I was left to navigate the stairs in our home one step at a time, like a young child.

Recently, while taking a restroom break at one of the elementary schools where I serve as a school bus driver, I had a conversation with one of the maintenance staff, whom I will refer to as Roy, and he told me that he had been afflicted with COVID-19. Roy said that he had been instructed to clean one of the classrooms after it had to be evacuated when school officials learned that one of the children in the class tested positive for COVID-19; and he said that within days he began feeling ill.

The incident occurred right before schools closed for the Christmas break, and Roy told me that he cried when his wife showed him the positive test result on her phone. He further told me that it took him several weeks to become well enough to return to work and that he was still suffering from headaches, joint pain (especially in his knees) and terrible fatigue. Worse yet, Roy is a Type 1 diabetic who requires insulin, and he has a son with a heart condition. Not good! Not good at all!

I shared my experiences with Roy and I told him that my daughter, Kathleen, had also been very ill in February of 2019, and that she suffered a grand mal seizure just after becoming ill. I then shared that which I felt was a miraculous experience with Vitamin D supplements.

I first took Kathleen to a walk-in clinic and then to her pediatrician’s office and, in both cases, I was told that it was probably a viral infection and that it should be treated with palliative care: plenty of fluids and rest (think: idiotic advice for the 21st century). I then took her to her Lyme specialist, Dr. Thomas Moorcroft, who shared with me a study that came out of Canada which discussed the “dramatic” results that vitamin D had on patients suffering from influenza viruses. The 2015 study, entitled “Vitamin D for influenza,” talks about the amazing benefits of treating patients with the “flu” with vitamin D. As the final paragraph states:

A colleague of mine and I have introduced vitamin D at doses that have achieved greater than 100 nmol/L in most of our patients for the past number of years, and we now see very few patients in our clinics with the flu or influenzalike illness. In those patients who do have influenza, we have treated them with the vitamin D hammer, as coined by my colleague. This is a 1-time 50 000 IU dose of vitamin D3 or 10 000 IU 3 times daily for 2 to 3 days. The results are dramatic, with complete resolution of symptoms in 48 to 72 hours. One-time doses of vitamin D at this level have been used safely and have never been shown to be toxic. We urgently need a study of this intervention. The cost of vitamin D is about a penny for 1000 IU, so this treatment costs less than a dollar.

In Kathleen’s case, Dr. Moorcroft prescribed an initial dose of 40,000 IU for the first day with instructions to take an additional 10,000 IU each day until she finished the bottle — and the results were dramatic! Within twenty-four hours Kathleen was feeling much better; and within forty-eight hours there were no remaining symptoms.

Now, many, including my wife, Amy, may believe — as Kathleen’s conventional medical doctors would more than likely say — that “the virus simply ran its course,” but, personally, I’m not in that camp. To me, the results from the vitamin D were remarkable and almost immediate. True, Kathleen’s body mounted its own defenses against the enemy, but I for one firmly believe that the vitamin D supplements were the reinforcements that her body needed to put a quick end to the invasion. To my mind, we were able to harness the true power of the sun through supplements and enable Kathleen to awake to a bright, new day.